Is Facebook Advertising Free? The Question Most People Ask

For any business that wants to expand and popularize their business, social networks provide an easy and appropriate way reach a wider audience. Facebook has gained massive use all over the world and therefore, this has made it the perfect advertising choice for most businesses. However, is Facebook advertising free? This is the question that most people ask given the high cost of advertising especially in conventional media. With a whopping subscriber base of over 500 million users, Facebook would be expected to be making a fortune out of advertising. 50% of these subscribers are usually online for an average of sixty minutes a day. With such astonishing statistics, Facebook is a perfect ground for advertisers, particularly those businesses that have taken to online marketing. What is even more unbelievable is that advertising on Facebook is absolutely free! So, how is Facebook advertising free? Particularly considering the huge profit margins reported by Facebook each year?The easy way to get an answer to this question is by following the simple steps discussed below on how to open a Facebook business page. Nonetheless, many people will still wonder whether there is anything free on the internet and still ask the same question: is Facebook advertising free? First of all, it will be wise to analyse these simple steps that follow shortly. On the Facebook login page, different categories of creating a page are available. These include business, artist, company, entertainment, brand or cause of community. A business page will fall in the business or company option in the list. This category helps a business to rank high in normal Facebook searches. After selecting the classification, the next step is to fill out the business name and other information that pertains to the business. For precision, a business logo may be appropriate and is uploaded in the subsequent step. After this is completed, Facebook will provide an option to invite friends. A prompt for filling basic information will then appear. This is where information like business website URL and a brief description is filled. This part is open and can focus on product, strategy, brand and so on.The information can be edited by clicking on the ‘Edit info’ option. More information about the business such as working hours can be added here. Finally, clicking on a business hyper-link publishes the business page. Users can then be invited to ‘like’ the page and can influence their friends to like the page also since it appears on their profile. As simple as the process is, it puts a business on the global social map absolutely for free. Essentially, the question ‘Is Facebook advertising free?’ has been answered with the simple steps of creating a Facebook business page. Having created the business page and shared it with users, it is easy to publicize products, services, offers and promotions. Many other ideas can be integrated to incorporate ways of presenting a business in the best way possible. Emphatically, is Facebook advertising free? Yes, and businesses should take advantage of this.