Realistic Facebook Advertising Costs

Facebook advertising has become a very popular form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in the last few months. While FB advertising costs are generally much lower than Google ads, you need to be careful. Much like Google AdWords, you run the risk of burning a lot of money if you aren’t using this platform correctly.Social Advertising Vs. Search Advertising
Recently, PPC has been divided into two categories: Social and Search. Search advertising is targeting something people are searching for (ie Google AdWords) and displays your ad based on relative keywords to your customer’s search.Social advertising targets demographics of people based on their social network profile. Instead of bidding on search terms, you are bidding on the type of person you are targeting, based on who they are and what they have listed for interests.For example, a local photography company had a lot of success closing sales on wedding packages by setting up Facebook ads. They set up the advertisement to target women in their area who listed their relationship status as “engaged” in their Facebook. Compared to a Google counterpart, this saved them tons of money.Social advertising has a much more targeted look on advertising than search advertising, and should always be viewed as such. If you have a target market that can easily be found just by demographics, then social advertising can prove to be a much more powerful form of advertising. Facebook Advertising Costs: Get the Bang for Your Buck
One thing to keep in mind is that you are not bidding to “top-of-the-mind” candidates like you would in Google Ads. You’re bidding for people who show characteristics of your target market, but aren’t necessarily in the “buying frame” right now. Therefore, you want to capture a lead, rather than trying to do a hard sell.The most successful social advertising campaigns I’ve launched have been targeted to get more fans to my fan page, rather than trying to directly sell the product. Social advertising should be seen as a large scale branding effort, rather than a small time sales tactic. Sell the “like” to your page, and then use that lead to sell whatever your product or service might be.Also, keep in mind that people on Facebook generally want to stay on Facebook. Launching them to landing page on a separate website bothers a lot of people, and can further trigger “spam potential” signals in their brain. Especially the younger crowd who spent a lot of time on MySpace (MySpace was subject to a lot of massive phishing attacks that scared it’s users into being linked to other websites).Social advertising is a great way to build your fan base, and then using that fan base to sell to later. It’s more of a large scale advertising campaign, rather than a small time direct sales method.